• Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall

  • Michael Schumacher, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Ann Kulchin, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Mark Packard, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Julie Nygaard, former Carlsbad council member

  • Ted Owen, Retired CEO, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

  • Jim Desmond, San Diego County Supervisor

  • Marie Waldron, California Assembly member

  • Dave Kulchin, Leucadia County Water District Board Member

  • Mark Wyland, former State Senator

After serving four years and nine months on the Carlsbad City Council, I believe it is important for council members to understand the complexities of budgets, planning, implementation and priority-setting.  Phil Urbina is a candidate for Council District 4.  He has extensive experience in both the personal connections to District 4 and the knowledge of financial implications through his work leading the Chamber, the Boys and Girls Club, the Christmas Bureau and the LaCosta Youth Organization.  He knows how to prioritize expenditures in lean times.  He knows how to plan for the future.  He knows that the plan has to be flexible enough to change with needs but still maintain its fiscal strength.  Phil knows District 4 and he knows financial accountability and leadership.  Please join me in supporting PHIL URBINA for Council District 4 in the November election."

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, former Carlsbad City Council member

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