• Phil Urbina

Why I'm Running for Carlsbad City Council in District 4

Updated: Oct 9

My name is Phil Urbina and I am running for Carlsbad City Council District 4 in the November 3, 2020 election – less than a year away.

I’ve lived in Carlsbad for 40 years. My wife, Kathy, and I raised our two children here and we are grateful to have benefited from the strong community values and quality education our children received to prepare them for their lives ahead.

I have served the community with thousands of volunteer hours. I’m proud to have served as president of the following organizations: Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad, La Costa Youth Organization and Carlsbad Christmas Bureau. I’m proud too that in 2015 I was named the City of Carlsbad Citizen of the Year.

My professional career began in journalism, including three years as managing editor of the Carlsbad Journal. I spent 13 years in community/government affairs, handling compliance issues, and negotiating cable TV franchises with more than 50 city and county governments. I spent nine years as the owner of a Carlsbad small business, Cousin’s Signs. Today I am a contract trainer and facilitator.

My priorities for Carlsbad

I’m committed to building on the legacy of our past community leaders who designed and built Carlsbad into the place we are proud to call home. I want to help develop the vision and plan for the next 50 years. My focus will be:

  • Public Safety is the top priority. I will ensure that our police and firefighters have access to the latest technological advances to keep us – and them – safe.

  • Carlsbad’s historical commitment to sound fiscal management has provided the financial resources to consistently deliver a high level of essential services and to weather economic downturns. We must remain laser-focused on continuing these practices in light of increased financial pressures from unfunded County and State mandates.

  • Protect the Carlsbad lifestyle that is derived from a balance between family activities, a strong business community and the highest quality community services, like libraries, parks, and biking and hiking trails.

This is an important election – the first district-focused election of our South Carlsbad area. Your $100, $25 or $10 donation to my campaign will ensure a fiscal watchdog, local voice and 40-year resident is always looking out for Carlsbad’s best interests. Your investment will ensure your tax dollars are not wasted and rather invested in Carlsbad’s future.

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