• Phil Urbina

A Trojan Horse in Carlsbad?

My dear friends and neighbors,

As many of you already know, I recently began circulating a petition calling on the citizens of Carlsbad to push back on Councilmember Cori Schumacher and her Campaign Zero’s #8cantwait efforts to defund police.

I have since received expletive-laced email responses accusing me of being a laundry list of “isms”, which I expected, because that is the culture Councilmember Cori Schumacher and her team have brought to Carlsbad.

Ms. Schumacher may be able to convince a handful of constituents that her push to docket Campaign Zero’s #8cantwait policies and call for our exemplary police department to answer to this extreme group is not an attempt to defund our police department but I, and many like me, see it for exactly what it is, a poorly constructed Trojan Horse.

To understand the context, you must first be aware of the shift in national narrative toward police. The local Democratic party, of which Cori is an active member, chair’s a committee for and plays a leadership role in, voted at its June 2020 meeting to spearhead efforts to defund the police.

While reasonable Democrats do not support the defunding of our police, Ms. Schumacher has made no public attempt to distance herself from the defunding goal. Instead, she released an official memorandum, demanding our city council call the Carlsbad PD to the carpet and make them answer to a list of demands made by a group whose stated end-goal is the abolition of police through a three-step process.

Until Councilmember Schumacher rescinds her demand to docket this extreme group’s ideology, I will continue to call out her efforts to chip away at our faith in our local PD.

Bankrupt, dysfunctional cities do not happen overnight. They happen over a series of years, with each bad vote, each irresponsible penny spent on self-promotion in the name of social justice for our politicians.

This November will be our last chance to take back our power. I need your help to get elected to the City Council District 4 seat so I can support Carlsbad’s traditions of fiscal responsibility, fully-funded civic programs and public safety, clean parks and beaches, and the preservation of the quality of life we have all worked so hard to build here in Carlsbad.

You can help by:

Anything you are willing to do to help our team is deeply appreciated. Together, we will prevail in November. It’s time to put a stop to the insanity.

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