• Phil Urbina

Supporting the Carlsbad Police

Like many of you, I am troubled by the unrest I see on the nightly news in places like Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Portland and Seattle. For years, the citizens of these cities have battled a myriad of issues continuing a downward trend in services year after year.

Carlsbad has enjoyed decades of responsible leadership from our past elected city council members and some of our current ones. They have exercised fiscal prudence, even when it meant battling special interests, so that our civic services could remain fully funded, with a rainy-day fund backup. This includes our top-rated Carlsbad Police Department.

Recently, City Council member Cori Schumacher began circulating an official statement she issued asking for the City Council to review the Carlsbad Police Department and their policies "as related to the Campaign Zero's Eight Can't Wait policies."

Campaign Zero is an organization that supports the complete abolition and defunding of police and the end to incarceration for convicted criminals. This group is not based in Carlsbad, it was not formed by Carlsbad citizens and it does not address issues that exist here in Carlsbad. It is simply an early campaign stunt by an elected official who needs to convince you our system is broken for her re-election narrative to work.

You should be mad. By the end of August, the State of California will be releasing an additional 8,000 inmates due to COVID infection concerns. Now is not the time to be playing politics with our public safety.

The Carlsbad Police Department is ranked among the best police departments in the state of California. Actually, they have already implemented the eight points mentioned in the “Eight Can’t Wait” policies.

We must fight back. I will always support our police department and will fight any attempt to defund, divest or otherwise redirect resources away from the department and the safety of the citizens in our city.

Your financial investment in my race for Carlsbad City Council District 4 is an investment in your safety and security. Any amount is appreciated and will be spent wisely.


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