• Phil Urbina

Down Leadership Memory Lane

Updated: Oct 9

Amid the 2008 economic recession, I was installed as the new President of La

Costa Youth Organization. Our organization engaged a company to help us

modernize and enter the world of online registration. We were excited about the

company’s reasonable fees and user-friendly platform. We had no way of knowing

that the biggest crisis to happen in the 40-some year history of LCYO was about to


The company would first collect the registration fees from the parents, then

disburse those funds to LCYO minus its service charge for processing. Three

months before the season began, the company suddenly stopped disbursing the

collected funds to us. It withheld nearly $200,000 of LCYO money that was

needed to pay for uniforms, equipment, umpires, and all the other costs required to

run a youth baseball and softball league for more than 1,000 boys and girls.

Our board did not panic. Instead, we met and established a crisis team then went

to work formulating solutions. We brainstormed, engaged attorneys, and ultimately

solved the problem by working together. No parent was asked to repay, and not a

single child was turned away. Eventually, we managed to recoup almost all of the

money. The season went on, and the kids – 5 to15 years old – didn’t suffer a bit.

When the season began, we were already victorious! I am forever grateful to those who served on our crisis team: Leslie Saldana, Vince Tully, Ed Mungovan, Jon Stearn, Dean White, and Jim Ellerbrock. I learned so much from working with each of them. The biggest lessons were the importance of working together, staying calm, resisting the urge to make emotion-based decisions, and continuing to work the problem no matter how daunting.

Those are lessons I hope to bring to the Carlsbad City Council and why I am running for the District 4 seat representing South Carlsbad. I hope you will consider supporting me – a problem-solver and proven leader.

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