• Matt Hall, Carlsbad City Mayor

  • Michael Schumacher, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Ann Kulchin, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Mark Packard, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Julie Nygaard, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Eric Larson, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Ramona Finnila, former Carlsbad City Council member

  • Ted Owen, Retired CEO, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

  • Jim Desmond, San Diego County Supervisor

  • Marie Waldron, California Assemblymember

  • Gary Morrison, Retired Carlsbad Police Chief

  • Dave Kulchin, Leucadia County Water District Board Member

  • Brian Maryott, Candidate, U.S. Congress

  • Mark Wyland, former State Senator

  • Martin Garrick, former State Assemblymember

  • Carlsbad Police Officers Association

  • Latino American Political Association

  • The Lincoln Club

  • Republican Party of San Diego County

  • Carl DeMaio (Carl DeMaio's California Election Guide 2020)

After serving four years and nine months on the Carlsbad City Council, I believe it is important for council members to understand the complexities of budgets, planning, implementation and priority-setting.  Phil Urbina is a candidate for Council District 4.  He has extensive experience in both the personal connections to District 4 and the knowledge of financial implications through his work leading the Chamber, the Boys and Girls Club, the Christmas Bureau and the LaCosta Youth Organization.  He knows how to prioritize expenditures in lean times.  He knows how to plan for the future.  He knows that the plan has to be flexible enough to change with needs but still maintain its fiscal strength.  Phil knows District 4 and he knows financial accountability and leadership.  Please join me in supporting PHIL URBINA for Council District 4 in the November election."

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, former Carlsbad City Council member

I joined the Carlsbad Christmas Bureau board at the same time as Phil in the mid-nineties. It was in disarray and the organization had no money. Phil took over as President the next year and in one year reorganized the group, re-energized the community, and had us on solid financial ground. He is an innovative problem-solver. I served 14 years on the City Council and I know Phil has the knowledge of the City and leadership skills to be an excellent Council member."

JULIE NYGAARD, Carlsbad City Council member, 1990-2002, 2004-06

I’ve known Phil for more than 30 years. He’s committed to serving Carlsbad. He’s worked in the corporate world and been a small business owner. He’s also a past chairman of the board of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce so he understands the needs of the business community. He’ll make an excellent council member and I’m pleased to endorse his candidacy."

TED OWEN, Retired Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce CEO

"Phil has been an active and successfully leader of many Carlsbad organizations over the years. He has the vision and problem-solving skills to be an excellent council member. I’m happy to endorse him for City Council."


RAMONA FINNILA, former Carlsbad City Council member.

Citizen Endorsements (click to show)

  • Thomas Applegate
  • J. David Aylmer
  • Julie Baker
  • Rich Barnes
  • Mary Ann Bazensky
  • Joe Bear
  • Lauralee Boone
  • Leslie Brubaker
  • Tracy Carmichael
  • William Carroll
  • Joseph Charest
  • Saundra Cima
  • Martha DeVoid
  • Anne Estes
  • Yvonne Finocchiaro
  • Gloria Foote
  • John Forester
  • Dolores Frazee
  • James Hagan
  • Ceclila Hekkala
  • Gail Jasmer
  • Donna Johnson
  • Dave Kulchin
  • Stephen L'Heureux
  • Robert Leider
  • Craig Lindholm
  • Sandra Lund
  • Beth Mack
  • Valerie Mackay
  • Dale Marsh
  • Josephine Martin
  • Sherry Moore
  • Chris Murphy
  • Edward Neff
  • Greg Nelson
  • Julie Nygaard
  • Karen Pearson
  • Peter Rogers
  • Ed Scarpelli
  • Timothy Stripe
  • Kathy Urbina
  • Kris Urdahl
  • Clinton Voltmer
  • Knox Williams
  • Apollo Properties
  • Tom Geldner

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